Post Partum Update + How I'm making the SHIFT

TODAY is the official launch of SHIFT SHOP🙌🏻!! This is the BRAND new program that Beachbody is launching!!  I've gotten some sneak peeks of it and its an incredible athletic based training program that gets RESULTS! Its FUN and effective!!

I'll be committing to this program on my post partum journey myself and I wanted to update you on my progress!

I'll be honest, having two babies was such a big game changer for me. With my first, I was one of the lucky ones that lost the baby weight quickly but my body felt weaker than ever. I wanted to feel like myself again but getting the gym was not possible anymore.
I started these awesome home workouts and it changed my life!! I got back in shape over the course of the next 2 years but having my 2nd baby it has been a whole different challenge.

The belly bulge has been completely stubborn and didn’t budge as easily as it did the first time. I took me a few months to get to where I'm feeling confident again, but I did it with some consistency and hard work. It didn't happen overnight or without effort. But I am really loving the way I'm feeling!! I still have a ways to go. But the lifestyle I'm recreating is EVERYTHING. Re-learning good habits and truly doing it the right way, no quick fixes.
I lost over 11 inches and that last stubborn 10lbs lbs all through a system that I KNOW works - my online bootcamps. The support from other women on the same journey as me, the accountability, effective home workouts and a simple nutrition system.
I know its the RIGHT way to do it and my clients are getting incredible results and tell me over and over again how much their LIVES have changed because of it.

YOU can have every bit of that 👆🏻too!!!! Just say YES, join our support community (prizes and consistent fun too!), follow the meal plan, drink Shakeology and get encouragement on the DAILY…you never know what might shift for you too 😉
Its time to make the SHIFT!! Are you ready to transform your body and lose fat? My Make the SHIFT BOOTCAMP starts July 24th and I want to help you transform.

Are you ready to get started with me?

Click here to apply to join my bootcamp!

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