I try to get in all my veggies and fruits in daily, but its not always an easy task as a busy mom.  Before I discovered Shakeology I was spending a lot of time and money trying to re-create green smoothies to help me fulfill my daily servings of veggies but it just wasn't cutting it.  When I started researching nutritional supplements, Shakeology, was the ONLY one that met all of my needs. 

Part of living a healthy lifestyle for me means eating clean, no chemicals added or highly processed foods.  I'm a HUGE advocate of natural living and believe that food is the best preventative medicine we have.  I care about living life with intention & taking CARE of my body NOW so that I don't pay for it later.  

Shakeology is a completely natural -- clinically proven - chemical free-no artificial flavors/additives/sweeteners or colors meal replacement shake the has over 70 super foods, protein, enzymes, minerals, and all 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies you need daily in each shake. This helps curb cravings, maximize results in your weight loss- it fills the gaps in your body that are nutrient deficient which helps keep you feeling full and giving you energy. 

Contrary to popular belief Shakeology is NOT a protein shake.  Although it does contain protein, that is not its main purpose for the body.  Its main purpose is to fuel the body with DENSE superfood nutrition.  And lets be honest most people are not protein deficient, they are nutrient deficient.  When we focus on good nutrition the body takes care of itself.  Shakeology is also not a weight loss shake. Weight loss is simply a by product of the good nutrition Shakeology provides.  This product is a HUGE reason why I became a Beachbody Coach to begin with -- not all shakes are created equal and let me tell you I researched the HECK out of Shakeology before I tasted one sip of it because I was actually pregnant when I first discovered it.  The integrity behind ShakeO and what it offers is unlike anything else on the market.  Unlike many of its competitors Shakeology is a WHOLE FOODS shake.  Most of Shakeology's ingredients are imported from the country of origin.  Each superfood has a very unique way of being preserved.  Its a very tedious process to preserve the nutritional value of whole foods to be delivered in dry form without the nutritional value being completely lost.  Shakeology goes through a very tedious process to ensure its whole food integrity.  It is somewhat like a form of "dry juicing."  Except that with juicing you are typically not getting as many ingredients (often stripping nutrients) and juicing is much more expensive and much more time consuming.

Shakeology is my one #duh meal of the day.  And as a busy mom that's something that is VITAL for me to function!  It’s really amazing to have one shake that you can go to that gives you everything you need in one meal that is controlled – you’re getting energy naturally, it’s helping you to control your cravings, it helps you to lose weight but it also helps to boost your immune system – it makes you healthy! You can function better, you can put more energy into your workouts because you’re feeding your body good food. 

After eating clean for many years and still falling short I feel like my body's cells are finally ALIVE since drinking Shakeology.  I've suffered from acne for as long as I can remember but since drinking Shakeology every day my skin has totally changed. And more than that Shakeology has COMPLETELY cleared up my skin issues (acne, redness, puffiness). It literally fixed my FACE!
Before Shakeology I suffered from acne, redness and puffiness in my face. 
Shakeology has completely cleared up my skin issues.  

My husband and I both drink it every day and finally feel like our bodies are being fed with what they actually need.  The cumulative effect has been amazing.  And as a result...

-I've never felt better. 
-I lost all my baby weight without even trying
-I sleep better than I ever have.
-My skin & nails have never ever ever been healthier. 
-My digestive health is absolutely PERFECT!! 

If you'd like to learn more about Shakeology and how you can get it click here.

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