Can I drink Shakeology while Pregnant or Nursing?

A huge question I'm often asked is if I drank Shakeology during my pregnancy and while nursing.  The second question I am asked is if it's safe... 

My answer is YES, I personally drank Shakeology daily during both my pregnancies and through nursing 2 healthy baby girls.

So yes yes yes....I drank it while pregnant - approved by my doctors and midwives.

I drank it while nursing.

I drank it while we were trying to conceive.

And my daughter Nora (age 3) drinks it daily.  Sofia (5 weeks) will be drinking it when she's older as well.

All I can share with you is my own personal experiences with it, I can not tell you its the right option for you but it absolutely was for me.  I always suggest consulting with your own doctor.

But let me ask you this...

Is it healthy for pregnant and breastfeeding women to consume McDonald's, ice cream, cookies, greasy fried foods, soda, artificial ingredients, caffeine, pizza, etc??

It's totally NOT healthy but its widely accepted for pregnant and nursing women to consume JUNK on a daily basis without even thinking... often encouraged in fact.

I know I got told 100 times during my pregnancy... "you deserve it" "indulge while you can" "feed the cravings".

Now I'm not saying I'm perfect... I certainly indulged in my fair share of pizza and ice cream during pregnancy but I think its amazing that no one questions women putting JUNK in their bodies yet they question the consumption of an all natural, whole foods, no GMO's, no artificial ingredients shake packed with 70+ superfoods, vitamins and minerals, digestive support, even helps fight junk cravings naturally.  Its so healthy it can even double as a pre-natal vitamin!

I think when you write it out it makes it so clear how BACKWARDS our culture is to question it.

I want nothing more than to help other women feel better and grow healthier babies while pregnancy and nursing.  There's nothing more precious! 

Especially during those nursing days when you are STARVED for nutrients because your baby is taking all those calories from you - YOU NEED something to re-fuel you.  A lactation cookie just isn't cutting it.  Shakeology is going to give you the nutrients you and your little one need to grow and stay healthy!

Shakeology has completed changed the way I see "healthy".  Its changed me for the better and I can't imagine NOT giving that dense nutrition to my growing babies.  Honestly, it would be selfish of me to keep it for myself.  

Its helped me...

reduce cravings
have more energy
better digestion
decreased migraines
cleared up my skin
helped me lose weight post baby
increased the growth of my hair and nails
helped me get STRONGER

and its done all  of that WITHOUT crap ingredients... what's not in it is...

artificial colors
artificial sweeteners
refined sugars

Here's my disclaimer...

ALWAYS ALWAYS do you own research! You need to feel confident and empowered with your own decisions.

Consult with your doctors and/or midwives about your prenatal decisions. Be sure to present them with a detailed ingredient list. Unless you present them with detailed information they will more than likely give you routine and quick answers. We must do our due diligence and be our own advocates.

My personal experience is that my doctors and midwives all saw the incredible ingredients and were on the same page as me that Shakeology would be beneficial. 

If you have any questions about Shakeology please feel free to contact me at

To see a detailed list of ingredients or to order Shakeology click here.


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