5 Tips on Working Out with a Newborn

I know as a mom my workouts are not going to look perfect.. and neither is my house. My baby might cry, she might need to eat or have a diaper change, the dishes might be dirty and sometimes that just has to wait.

I'm done striving for perfection and just going with the flow of what works for US. It's not worthy the headache to stress - promise.

I have been figuring out a thing or two these past two weeks on my fitness journey with a new baby (again).  I did it with my first daughter as well but I feel like every time you have a baby its a totally new journey and you forget what worked before.

 Let me just preface this by saying, its not easy.  Having a newborn while trying to get your body back isn't alway simple but it is 100% possible.  Don't fool yourself into believing that "you can't" just because you have fussy or an easy baby.  I've now had one of each - my first was extremely high needs and my 2nd is much easier going.  Its not easy in either scenario but it can be done IF and only if you make it a priority.

Here's My top 5 tips for working out with a newborn...

1. Pick a time of day when they are happy. For me that means I wake up before she does and try to get most of it done before she's up OR right after she eats.  I don't ALWAYS have the energy to wake up early early (just being honest) but I do try my best to get up at least 30 minutes before I think she will so I can get in a quit sweat.  A lot of the time she wakes up mid workout and I have to press pause, nurse and then finish the rest. And that's TOTALLY okay :)  

2. Be prepared for the unexpected. It's okay to stop and change a diaper or have an unexpected nursing session mid workout. Don't stress it and give your baby your attention if they need it.  Your workout is important but not as important as your baby (obvi).  Be okay with pressing pause when needed.  Its not the end of the world and if you're doing the right things (because nutrition is 80% of results anyways) you'll still get results!
3. Put your baby in a bouncer right next to you, talk and interact with them. It's actually fun that way 😊
I actually really enjoy seeing my babies' face light up when I chat with her during my workout, its pretty adorable!

4. Keep your workouts short. Mine are 20-35 minutes max. Any longer than that and I know she won't make it through at all without needing to sleep, be changed or eat.

5. Make it a priority. It's not going to be simple or easy. But if it's important you'll make it happen regardless. Don't make your baby your excuse, make her your reason 💕

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