5 Shakeology Myths BUSTED!

I'll admit, I certainly had some preconceived notions about Shakeology before I tried it for myself.  I though most "shakes" on the market were complete junk.  And, I certainly didn't think that a  company called "Beachbody" would create something that was actually really good for me.  They must be all about getting a "beach body" and not about INNER health and well being right?! WRONG!

I had heard all the stigma attached to the health and supplements industry and I was NOT buying in.  I knew I could figure out another way to get the nutrients I needed before I paid a company to give them too me (I was seriously stubborn).  But after doing countless research and finally trying it for myself I came to discover ONLY good things.

Now, nothing is perfect (you can read my honest review of Shakeology here) but its pretty dang close.  Here's 5 myths about Shakeology - debunked!

1.  Its a protein shake.

When people tell me "I already have a protein shake."  I can't help but blame the wellness industry for making the public believe this is necessary.  Shakeology is NOT a protein shake.  While it is an adequate source of protein, it is SO MUCH MORE!  Let me ask you, are you protein deficient?  The wellness industry has programmed us to believe we need TONS of protein to be healthy - this is not true!  90% of Americans are not protein deficient, we are NUTRIENT deficient.  That is why Shakeology is different.  Shakeology is a whole foods, nutrient dense shake that is filled with vitamins, minerals, probiotics, adaptogens, enzymes, minerals and 70 different superfoods from around the world.  The reason we crave junk food is because our bodies are not nutritionally fed.  We're craving more food because our bodies don't recognize the junk as fuel.  Because of the dense amounts of nutrients in Shakeology it helps to curb cravings and fill the gaps in your body that are nutrient deficient leaving you full and giving you energy - NATURALLY.  With all of those benefits - why would you ever stop at just "protein"?

2. Its expensive.

When anyone tells me they think Shakeology is expensive, I know I haven't done my job to explain and breakdown the extreme amount of value in this product.  Most of us can agree that a healthy nutritious meal will cost us anywhere from $3-$7 (possibly more).  Even a store bought salad with not nearly the amount of nutrients will cost you the highest end of that scale.  Shakeology costs a mere $4.33 per serving (only $3/serving with discounts) on the low end of the scale and gives you so much more nutrition than anything else possibly could.  You can make your Shakeology into breakfast, lunch or dinner that you'd be paying for anyways.  Not only that but you can use Shakeology to replace ALL your daily vitamins.  And because it has such immune boosting properties expect to rarely use any of your over the counter meds or take trips to the doctor during flu season anymore.  We personally buy 2 bags of Shakeology in our house monthly and have found that we SAVE money each month.  For the price we get it at I could not possibly duplicate (or even come close) to the amount of nutrition me and my family receive with anything else.

3. Its only for weight loss.

No, in fact I started drinking Shakeology when I was pregnant with my 1st daughter.  Certainly not an optimal time to think about losing weight - that was not in my sights at all.  I simply wanted the dense nutrition for me and my baby.  My husband also drinks Shakeology and is consistently trying to GAIN weight.  You can alter your shakes to have more or less calories in order to help you lose or gain but you can not alter the amount of dense nutrition you get in each serving - and that's what its about - optimal health!  Weight loss is a by product of good nutrition!  Feed your body good nutrients and you'll have less cravings, more energy, get more out of your workouts, feel better and ultimately that is what leads to weight loss and why Shakeology works for everyone, not because its a "weight loss" shake.  Ultimately not everyone needs to lose weight but we can ALL benefit from being  healthier.

4. Its just extracts with no whole food ingredients.

Definitely not true!  The ingredients in Shakeology are all sustainably sourced from and preserved in their whole food state to retain the maximum amount of nutrients possible!  This is not easy to do seeing that all the ingredients come from all over the world, but the quality assurance team and scientists behind the formula do a great job of maximizing the nutrition of each ingredient!  If you were to "juice" each ingredient in shakeology you wouldn't even retain as much nutrition as they do in this powder form.

5.  The best way to compare Shakeology to other products is by the amount of carbs, proteins, and fats.

This is absolutley NOT how you should be comparing supplements.  There are probably lots of shakes out there that have more protein or less sugar - BUT they achieve that by adding chemical additives and artificial sweeteners which are absolutely terrible for your health!  Fruit has sugar in it which is where the sugar in shakeology comes from (in fact its certified low glycemic index) so if you're using a shake with 0 sugar you're probably ingesting artificial ingredients. Shakeology has NO artificial sweeteners, no artificial colors, no soy, no artificial stimulants and no artificial flavors.  One of its main sweeteners is Stevia, which is plant-based.  Quality of ingredients is KEY!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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