Why Body Back Bootcamp is the Best and How an Online Bootcamp Works

There's so much confusion in the health and fitness industry when it comes to what works.  Over the years I've tried all the fad diet and workout trends myself from high fat, to low carb, to vegan, to clean eating... to Crossfit, to kickboxing, etc.  And while each different lifestyle deserves its own place I still always found myself going back to my "old" ways within just a few short months of time.  I was never able to stick with anything long term.

Clean eating was always my "go-to," however, I found myself eating clean and then having a bunch of dirty cheats on the weekends + tons of guilt and shame for not sticking with it. Instead of 90/10 I was eating more like 60/40 which wasn't making it easy to lose the post baby belly!  I wanted something that would continue to get me results that didn't make me feel guilty every weekend.  I also didn't want to be restricted in my food choices or working out for an hour + each day.  As a mom I know my life is SO unpredictable and making the time for intense long workouts felt stressful and exhausting!  Not only that but I knew a reality of my life was that while I love eating healthy as much as possible there's going to be days where I want to go out for pizza or have an ice cream cone with my daughter or eat some mac n cheese off her plate and not feel like I'm ruining a week's worth of progress in doing so.

I had found myself in a position when I was post partum with my 2nd baby where I was chronically stressed, overtrained, drained of energy and sleep deprived and I wanted the simplest solution possible.  I also realized that my hormones and my body had changed drastically. I had food sensitivities that I had never experienced before and in eating certain foods I could just feel the bloating, inflammation and mood changes/anxiety coming on within hours or even minutes! It was honestly like I didn't even know my body anymore! I had become so stressed with babies, trying to keep up with work, and being obsessed with trying to "snap back" that I didn't even know myself anymore.  I fell into  a depression and realized that my lifestyle and food choices had impacted my symptoms almost 100%.

After sharing about my experiences with friends and via social media I knew I wasn't alone!  So many other moms had reached out saying they had experienced so much of the same things that I knew I had to solve this problem for women.  I started trying different methods, different workouts, different nutrition and found a method that I believe to be the MOST effective and comprehensive holistic program on the market especially for moms.

As a former D1 athlete and training athletes for years I have a background in running live bootcamps.  I had always seen the best results with clients and friends when we had implemented burst training, HIIT training and weight training to burn fat. So, I went back to my roots and created workouts that I knew any mom could do at home or in a gym in about 30 minutes to get the most effective results with this winning and FUN combination. In my previous bootcamps I had always made an extra focus on "problem" areas for women like abs, butt and thighs so I incorporated special circuits to target those areas in each workout as well.

On the nutrition side I realized a root problem of hormone imbalance, inflammation and mood change in women had to do with certain triggers that include diary, gluten/wheat and soy.  I eliminated these from my diet about 6 days a week and saw my mood start to lift, I felt in control again! However, I wanted to create  a system of flexibility for 2 reasons. First, I realize that not everyone struggles with food sensitivities so I wanted my clients to have a flexible way to keep those in their diet IF they didn't have any issues.  Second, I don't want to feel restricted and I don't want my clients to either. In the past, feeling restricted has always led me to binge! I knew this wasn't the answer.  I implemented a flexible dieting system where we have at least one day per week where we follow the "if it fits your macros" lifestyle.  In other words, eat something you love that fuels your soul haha (have a donut, a glass or two of wine, a cookie, etc) you want as long as it fits your macros. I encourage them to have one discretionary meal per week so that they don't feel restricted with their food. I believe this system when combined with tracking, eating an adequate amount of calories each day and eating to fuel muscle growth is what yields amazing results!

Many of my clients (and myself) are still breastfeeding so I also wanted a plan that was specifically designed for these moms in mind!  Nutrition and exercise can be confusing at this time in your life and I wanted to simplify the process for them.

The other part of my program revolves around teaching moms the outlying factors that contribute to results such as emotional health, spiritual health, relational health which includes stress management, and sleep among other things.  I knew in order to have a complete program I had to create methods based around these concepts and also keep bio-individuality in mind.  Each woman is unique and needs a slightly different plan than the next.  In my bootcamp we work together to determine and make tweaks based on YOUR personal lifestyle!

My Clients are seeing AMAZING RESULTS!

We are finishing up the 2nd round of Body Back Bootcamp - I've had over 30 women go through the program and the results are astounding!  This is such affirmation of WHY God led me to create this!  Referrals are coming in like crazy because of how much the women are loving the program.

While many of them have gotten quick results I am careful not to claim this as a quick fix. I promote slow steady results and weight loss to create a long term lifestyle!  Its a lifestyle change that takes some time getting used to and can be slightly confusing if you are a beginner but it yields the most incredible long term changes!  I've implemented an entire week to "prep" for the program so that no questions go unanswered and I walk you step by step through having the most success!  The women who come out of Body Back Bootcamp say its not only a simple way to live long term but that the flexibility is perfect for their crazy busy lives!

For those that have never participated in an online program it can definitely be confusing.  Here's how an online bootcamp works.

1 - Purchase the program -

2 - You'll then get access to the comprehensive program guide with workouts, recipes, sample meal plans, nutrition recommendations and more!  This gives you the opportunity to view the program content before our community group launches on January 1st.

3 - Join the community group via Facebook.  Prior to Jan 1 you'll get access to my community group filled with a small intimate group of other women on the same journey as you!  In this group we'll have daily teaching content to help you implement and succeed as well as daily accountability.  I'll be in the group daily to answer your questions.  I also offer a live coaching call in our first week to go through all the concepts and Q&A session.

4 - Follow the program.  I've laid it all out for you. Your job is simply to implement!

5 - Transform your life!  There's no restricted way of living or eating, the workouts are short! You will learn how to find freedom from food, exercise efficiently and truly live a life that makes you FEEL incredible from the inside out!

I know exactly where you are right now and that's exactly why I created this program.  If you don't join this program you'll be stuck right where you are again by the end of 2018.  Maybe you'll try a different program, get some results and fall off the bandwagon AGAIN!  You'll be right back to feeling restricted, guilty and stressed!

If you invest in yourself and your FAMILY by joining Body Back Bootcamp  you'll be joining a movement.  A community of women that support you and you'll transform your life!  You'll be able to have energy to do the things you need to do daily as a mother, professional and wife.  You'll feel free and confident again.  And when you feel fit, healthy and STRONG you'll be better equipped to fulfill your God given purpose!

Do not miss out on this opportunity to transform your life!  My next round begins prep week on January 1st.  Let's do this together!

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