LOVE YOUR BODY Bikini Bootcamp

Game Changer!!!!

This is what PiYo was for me and my friend Erin. I mean it when I say that. 
This was the first fitness program I did after having my baby that made me feel ALIVE again.. you know what I mean moms? After you have a baby you’re like a complete ZOMBIE!! I felt icky and flabby and yucky and just NOT like myself anymore. I became the definition of SKINNYFAT.
At the time I could barely get out of bed some days I was so weak, flabby and sleep deprived. 
This is the program that changed the game for me!!! It got me leaned and toned and gave me my ABS back! WOOO HOOO!!!
But more than that it made me just LOVE my body again and feel a sense of pride that I completed a program that made me feel and look better and STRONGER than I had in a LONG LONG time!
In my last PiYo challenge group, Erin (pictured right) started her weight loss journey for the second time after having her 2nd baby and went on to lose a total of 75lbs!!! 
Can you believe it????!!! This REALLY WORKS!!!
I have a FUN new challenge group that will begin in just a couple weeks where everyone will be doing a program that fits their goals, drinking shakeology once a day and getting meal plans and support and motivation from me, your coach. 
It’s really a good time and makes the whole process of jumping back in and getting in shape, F U N. And more importantly will get you back to LOVING your body again!!!!
I’m offering PiYo for just $10 when you get Shakeology for the next few ladies who join. This is a $60 value for just TEN bucks + your ShakeO!!! 
If you’d like to join my LOVE YOUR BODY Bikini Bootcamp and would like to get in on this deal please contact me to learn more --->  or learn more about my challenge groups and apply by clicking HERE.

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