5 Reasons You'll Lose More Weight When you Ditch the Scale

Are you highly motivated by the number on the scale?  Do you let that number define how you feel that day and make you feel like you have or haven't made progress?  After working with hundreds of clients I have seen way too many women let the scale take ownership over the progress they've made.

In my opinion, the scale is the worst measurement of your actual progress and success.  I've learned that you should really not "weigh in" often if at all!  If you do weigh in its important that you do it absolutely no more than once per week and do it first thing in the AM.  Your body weight fluctuates SO much from day to day based on water, sodium and just life in general!  I have moved from telling my clients to weigh in once a week to having them weigh in only once per month or NOT at all!


I think the scale is a very bad indicator of your progress. I believe that when you focus too much on a number that becomes such a negative point of frustration, stress and disappointment that you often struggle with results simply because you're SO focused on this one indicator.  When I have my clients stop weighing themselves they often feel so much more energized, happier and stress free which leaves them more room to have good results (focusing on the good brings more good)!  Often times they weigh themselves a month or two later and realized they are down a whole bunch of weight they had been holding on to previously.  A lot of this is simply a mindset shift from "losing weight" and "dieting" to truly trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

Here's 5 reasons why you should ditch the scale to get better results:

1. Muscle Weighs More Than Fat

Technically they actually weight the same.  But if you were to replace 10 lbs of fat with 10 lbs of muscle you'd weigh the exact same but LOOK so much leaner and better!  Let pictures tell your story. The before/after photo is the best indicator of success in my opinion because you can SEE that lean muscle you've created and the changes in shape your body is making.

2. Its a very poor motivator

Often times when you rely on the scale as your indicator of success it leaves a lot more room for disappointment and an excuse to quit.  Have you ever been disappointed by the number on the scale and thought, "why am I doing all this hard work?"  Most people will see that and just want to quit the healthy habits they've started to form by throwing in the towel.  In reality, if they looked at better indicators like their photos, how they feel, energy levels, measurements, etc they would realize that they've made a TON of progress that the scale doesn't want to show them.

3. You'll learn to rely on better indicators of success

When you ditch the scale you'll start to notice the real progress your body is making.  Asking yourself questions like "how am I feeling today?"  "How do my clothes fit?"  "Do I feel more confident in my body?" "Do I have more energy?"  These are all better indicators that you're moving in a forward direction with your health and ultimately achieving a goal of looking and feeling better! Healthy and fit is better than being "skinny."

4.  You'll find your healthy weight

Often times we have a goal weight in mind that really isn't the healthiest weight for us.  Often times that number is based on what we "think" we should be at and not based on being our healthiest. Simply losing weight to get to that number may leave you depleted, drained or even "skinny fat."  If you focus on the better indicators of success and on living a long term healthy lifestyle (eating healthy nutritious foods and exercising regularly) your body will naturally find its healthiest weight.  You want this to be something you can maintain long term and not something you have to kill yourself and starve yourself to maintain.  I personally know the lowest weight I have been in my life is NOT when I felt or looked the best in my life!

5. You'll be happier

Isn't that what we all truly want? To live happier and more fulfilling lives?  When you stop focusing on the number on the scale it leaves room for you to focus on much more fulfilling and energizing things in our lives!  If seeing a higher number on the scale leaves you feeling angry or disappointed and can completely turn your day into a bad one - then STOP stepping on it.  You could be feeling completely happy about your progress and confidence until you step on the scale and realize you haven't budged - but remember that is not a good indicator of your success.  Don't let that define your life and your happiness!

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