One of My Favorite Baby Items

The baby world is ever evolving and changing. Even after having my first baby 3 years ago there were so many baby items I had no idea existed after having my 2nd.  One of the new products that I learned about before having my 2nd baby is the DockaTot.  I've had lots of friends ask me about this item and so I thought this would be the first baby item I shared in this series.

DockaTot is a multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper and playtime lounger for babies.  Its made in Europe and designed in Sweden.  Its all natural, 100% cotton and the ideal micro-climate for babies and tots.  I first used the DockaTot the day Sofia (now 5 months) was born. Its what she slept in the day I delivered her and actually its the only thing she has slept in her entire life to date!

I found that the womb like, cozy setting always made her feel more comforted than a wide open crib or bassinet and she typically sleeps like a charm in there!  I wish I had this item with my first baby, because I wonder if she would have slept better too!

Sofia is still currently in the Deluxe size DockaTot for 0-8 months but we recently ordered the Grand (9-36 months) as she will outgrow it fairly soon.  The Grand is really big, not gonna lie! My 3 year old even LOVES laying in it to because it fits her quite well.  Right now we keep the Grand as a lounger for both the girls in our living room but we plan to use it in a few months for Sofia to sleep in and of course to help her transition to a toddler bed when she is bigger.

One of the biggest questions I get asked about this product is the safety.  We have personally felt it to be incredibly safe for our baby. Like I mentioned, this is the only thing she has slept in since birth and I've always felt at ease with her being in there. Its tested for breathability and while it "looks" like the baby could get out of it, that is not the case.  If you lay your baby on hir/her back in the DockaTot they can not move or get out of it.  This may only be an issue when your baby is at the age of crawling (I'll let you know more on that when we get there).

What I love about this sleeper is that its so easy to move around the house and travels easily.  We can move it from room to room and have her sleeping wherever is convenient.  And while we travel or even if she were to go to Grandma's house she always has her "bed" to sleep in which brings her lots of comfort.

If you'd like to learn more about DockaTot or purchase one for your baby click here.

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