Top Tips for Easing into Post Partum Fitness

One of the biggest questions I get asked is when and how I got re-started with my fitness after having my babies.  With each baby my experience was a little bit different.

After having my first baby I was super eager to get started again because I had been very inactive due to being put on bed rest for several weeks.  I think because of the nature of who I am I was DYING to get back to working out after having to stop for so long.  So I hopped back in it much faster.  With my first, I had a very uncomplicated birth and my midwife cleared me for light to moderate exercise around 4 weeks post partum.  At two weeks post partum I was walking around the block with the stroller and by 5 weeks I was back to full blown workouts.

With my 2nd baby, Sofia, I was extremely active and doing normal workouts up until the day I delivered her at 40 weeks 2 days along.  I had a slightly more complicated delivery with my 2nd and it took A LOT out of me to say the least.  I wasn't cleared to workout until 6 weeks post partum and I definitely took my time getting there.  It wasn't until about 8 weeks post partum that I fully committed to doing a regimented program again.  And I took a FULL two weeks post partum before I did ANY kind of activity.  Mentally it took me a bit longer the 2nd time to get into the swing of things as well.  I think because of how much your life changes with having two babies to care for that also changed my mentality.  I didn't want to think about fitness until I really felt re-motivated and energized to really commit.

I think each experience will be different for different moms and babies.  The important thing is that you listen to your doctor or midwife's recommendations and also listen to your body.

Here's my top tips on getting restarted:

1. Be flexible

I remember my first workout post partum with Sofia (my 2nd). It was a complete disaster, not gonna lie.  Nora (3 years) was climbing all over me.  Sofia was in her bouncer and ended up needing to be changed, nursed and held multiple times within a 30 minute time frame and I was honestly a complete hot mess!  The biggest thing I've learned especially with two kids is to set your expectations LOW and know that its okay to stop and press pause multiple times.  Its okay to not work at 100% effort and its okay to get interrupted.  You have to be flexible when you have babies that are unpredictable!

2. Pick the right program

I highly advise that you don't just "wing it."  If you just wing it you probably won't stick with it.  I personally was not fully committed until I decided on a true plan of action.  When you're ready to get results, you need to fully commit.  But that being said make sure you choose wisely.  Choose a program that is going to give you a mapped out plan to help you ease in and that gives you lifestyle results.  When you decide on a program make sure to schedule it in and map it out as best you can.

3. Focus on the small daily wins

You truly need to take it a day at a time.  Focusing on the long term results can seem overwhelming and daunting!  Find something in each day, each workout, each meal that you have improved on from the day before and give yourself a pat on the back for making those small wins happen each day.  Small wins over time compound into BIG wins - so keep going!

4. Use modifications

There's absolutely no shame in modifying exercises. You are literally starting over from scratch after having a baby. Your body has been depleted and there's no need to push yourself to maximum levels right away.  Most programs will have modifications so follow those as needed!

5. Follow a nutrition plan designed for new moms

I think the biggest mistake women make is that they think after having a baby they will "just follow the workouts" and do their own thing with nutrition.  Nutrition is 80% of your results!  If you only follow the workouts you're only going to get 20% of the results and be left wondering why you're not getting as fit as you expected.  That being said, in order to see results you also need to follow a plan that is appropriate for new moms.  After having a baby you are depleted of so many nutrients that you need to keep your body well fed!  Restricting calories and foods is NOT the way to go!  If you are breastfeeding make sure you find a plan that takes that into account the calorie deficit you have while nursing or that simply helps you learn how to eat the most nutritious and calorie dense foods you can at this time in your life.  If you want a quick start you can download my Free 5 Day Nursing Mama Meal Guide here to get my recipes.  Click here to get your copy.  If you're not breastfeeding you still need to take into account the nutrients you're eating as your body is recovering and restoring itself.  Its vital if you want to regain energy and recovery properly.  Eating lots of leafy green veggies, proteins, complex carbs and healthy fats is essential to your success!

6. Find a support system

Getting plugged in with other new moms has been KEY on my journey.  Knowing that there's other women in your exact same position and that totally understand what you're going through makes it SO much more do-able!  When you can vent about hard days, having a fussy baby and celebrate the great days with other moms it makes your journey so much more enjoyable.  The encouragement you get from group support with other women on the same journey is a GAME CHANGER!

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