How to Get Back into a Routine After Baby

Its not easy to get back into a normal routine after having a baby.  With every BIG life changes it can be a major struggle to find that "new normal."

After doing it a couple times now after having both my girls, making big moves and having to readjust our lives, I know it feels daunting and its often hard to get re-motivated.  You go from being in this little bubble with your baby, doing all the mom things and trying to figure out how to make your life feel normal again.  Then if you go back to work 6 or 8 weeks later your life changes yet again!

If you're staying home full time you may find yourself with cabin fever and trying to figure out how to get out more and regain a life of normalcy again amidst the chaos at home. Either way you're trying to navigate life and time just seems to be flying! Like they say the days are long but the years are short! Suddenly you find a year has flown by and you didn't get to do anything you had wanted or hoped to.

And honestly, that's okay.  I give you permission to give yourself grace in this season of your life.  Some days its just going to feel hard BUT I know that routine is a big key to feeling like yourself again!

You do so much for everyone in your house.  You take care of your kids, you do the wifey thing and somewhere along the way you can totally lose track of your own sense of self and sanity!

My tips today are the process that I've used to get back into a routine after having 2 little ones. A healthy routine will help you feel more energized, more productive and more balanced. It gives back to YOU by providing some structure and it benefits your husband and your kids because they will have a happier mama! Plus our kids THRIVE on routine! Its a well known fact that routine makes our little ones feel safe, secure and happy!

Please know though, as I give you these tips allow yourself some flexibility. Give yourself some grace because it really depends on your kids and how receptive they are to change as you begin implementing a routine - EVERY baby is different!

1. First, simply make a decision to change & figure out what that looks like.

Make the decision that you need to do this because its going to benefit your entire household!
Ask yourself what you want your days to look like. How do you want to feel?
How do you want your family to feel?
What kinds of things need to be included in your daily routine or mornings to make everyone in your home (including you) thrive?

2. Brain dump & schedule

Write your notes and a plan down on paper! Its so important to actually write things down.
Get that to-do list out of your brain to relieve stress!
These things on your list can be family related, work related, meal planning, errands, workouts, etc.
Once its on paper you can see it much easier and then you can start organizing your routine/schedule.
This season of your life can be unpredictable when you have little ones.
Try to think of your schedule more as a "flexible routine."
The idea is to make things easier for you, not more stressful by trying to follow a strict schedule to a tee!


Now you have to actually do the things you want to do.
Maybe one thing you decided on was that you want to wake up earlier.

Create an action plan. Ask yourself... How can you make that happen?
Where does it start? For example, with this goal it may start the night before by arranging your time so you can go to bed earlier.
(Remember if you are brand new mom give yourself flexibility. You may not be able to get up earlier if your baby is still up at all hours of the night.
Make sure you're getting enough sleep as well. Its okay to change the plan!
Your goal/schedule has to work for your lifestyle and the season you are in right now).
If you're already back to work this may be a change you are able to make.
But the point is you have to take ACTION if you want to make this happen!

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Click to download your free guide!

When you figure out what you DO want your morning to look like here's some ideas of what you can incorporate to help you feel more balanced:

1. Don't immediately look at your phone when you wake up.
This can be a major distraction/time suck.
It will NOT make you more productive if that is your goal.

2. Hydrate. We're asleep for an avg 8 hours/night. We need to replenish our fluids.

3. Enjoy some 'me time' if you can.

For example, even if I don't wake up early before my kids...
after my baby first gets up and I get her needs taken care of she's pretty happy to sit near me with some of her toys and just play.
This gives me at least 10 minutes to enjoy my coffee, maybe journal a bit, pray or read my devotional.
Making time for this takes care of YOU and your emotional/spiritual health, which is even more important in my opinion than your physical health.
Plus it gives your baby time to play independently at a time of day when she's typically happiest to do so!

4. Get in a quick workout if you can. If you're able to wake up early that's a great option, maybe do some mommy + me exercises
with your little one or wait until their first morning nap.
If you're working full time this part may need to be adjusted either to early early mornings or after bedtimes.

Things to remember:

1. SMALL STEPS, don't expect perfection. Putting yourself in the right mindset is so important at the beginning of your day.
2. GET EXCITED ABOUT THOSE SMALL DAILY WINS! These might include 5 min of reading, 5 min of workout time, or 1 healthy meal in the morning.
These will add up to big results. :)

3. TRY your plan out for a day or two. If you need to change things up, do it! You will see what schedule works best with your lifestyle but don't get to
"stuck" on a routine that isn't working for you. Test it out and make adjustments as needed!

You morning routine is going to constantly be changing as your life evolves
and your baby grows. All days will not look the same.

You can have a schedule set up for your IDEAL day and know that its not always going to happen
but when it does you're going to feel really excited about it!

Here's an example of what a morning routine could look like for a stay at home mom
but remember this is just an example! Take your specific needs and your babies' schedule into account.
This is an example from my life when my baby was 8/9 months old.

7:00 AM - Wake up, hydrate, have coffee, journal/prayer time

7:30 Baby Wakes up, changed, fed (if you have older kids this may be the time you eat breakfast and/or get them to school).

8:00 AM - Play time and/or breakfast time

9:30 AM - Baby nap time

9:45 - 10:15 - Mama works out!

10:30 - 11:30 - Shower!!! woo hoo!

11:30 AM - Baby Wakes up, lunch time

12:00 PM - Playtime/reading time

2:00 PM - Nap time again this is a good time to get things done around the house, shower and/or work if you work from home!

4:00 pm - Baby wakes up, play time

5:30 pm - Dinner time

7 PM - Bath time

7:30 - Bed time for baby

I know you can do this mama! Its going to take time to get back to that new normal and figuring out what works
best with your life but its going to feel so good when you do!

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