5 Tips for Healthy Traveling

Every year for the past 7 years I've traveled overseas for my husband's job.  Over this time I've gotten pretty good at figuring out how to stay on track with my healthy lifestyle while doing so.  I used to just leave it to chance... grab fast food, order soda on the plane and I'd always be left feeling sick and ultra bloated with the WORST jet lag imaginable.  In the past 3 years I've realized that if I take care of my body even in the midst of travel, when I arrive at my destination I feel SO much better than I would otherwise and getting over the jet lag doesn't seem as miserable.

We just got back last week from a 17 hour travel day from Moscow, Russia back to Arizona and although I've got a case of jet lag I was definitely not completely thrown off with my nutrition.    

So here's a few of my tips for you...

1. Pack healthy snacks

I ALWAYS pack some simple easy snacks that I can throw in my carry on and munch on when I get hungry on the plane.  Almonds, fruit and Lara Bars are my go-to snacks.  Its a much better alternative than the salted peanuts and Cheez-Its they serve you on the plane.


Water, water, water!! I can't stress this enough!  Skip the alcohol and soda on the plane and ALWAYS order water.  The water will keep your energy up, keep you fuller longer and keep you from filling your body with chemicals and sugar that will just weigh you down and make you crash.  I also always buy a bottle of water after I go through the security check to make sure I have enough water to keep me hydrated through the entire flight.

3. Keep it Simple

During a layover if you eat at an airport restaurant keep it simple.  By that I mean, order staples like chicken and rice dishes, chicken salads or turkey wraps.  The simpler the better!  Avoid fast food restaurants and get a meal to-go at a sit down restaurant if necessary.

4. Go for Chicken

On an international flight you are usually given only 2 options for your main course - Chicken or pasta.  Whenever I'm given the choice I now almost always go with chicken.  The chicken dish is typically served with veggies to keep you full and satisfied.  I always used to be tempted to get the pasta dish but what I realized was that the pastas/carbs just left me feeling bloated and not as full for long.  Another good option is to pre-order a gluten free menu or low carb menu.  I've only tried this a couple times but I should definitely do it more often!  These special order meals are always made to order and usually taste MUCH better (and of course healthier) than the regular meal options.  And they don't cost anything extra.

5.  Walk it off

Unless you're strapped for time in between flights, use the walkways and not the moving sidewalks.  Its a great way to get in some extra steps and keep you moving during a long day of travel!

6.  Superfoods

I always keep a little stash of my favorite superfood shake, Shakeology, to drink in the morning before I fly to help boost my immune system before I step on a plane.  Its also great in case I want a simple snack and pick me up mid flight.

Traveling isn't easy any way you go but it sure feels much better when you can step off a long flight and not feel COMPLETELY icky and gross!  I hope these tips help you on your next adventure!



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