Meal Prep HELP?! Free 5 Day Meal Plan + Printable Productivity Planner

I'll admit I fought meal prepping for the LONGEST time!  I didn't want to spend extra time on the weekends making meals  and in reality I just didn't want to take time to PLAN!  In 2017 I've made it my goal to become more productive and organized and so meal planning and prepping HAD to happen.

I realized I was wasting SO much time wondering what I should eat each day and night and making meals Monday - Friday when I was exhausted and depleted.  Not only that but I also tended to just say "let's go out" if I didn't want to cook that night.  Bad idea for the wallet and for our family's health!

So I'm happy to say I've been meal planning and prepping for the past several months and absolutely have NO idea why I didn't make the change sooner!  Now, I love helping my clients with solutions on how to fit meal prep into their busy lifestyles.

After chatting for awhile with my friend, Kelly, I realized this wasn't just my own problem.  So many women I talk to struggle with how to make it all work! And so, I started creating some tips and tricks and specific meal plan of action to help women get more productive and hit their health and fitness goals.

Kelly is a lifestyle blogger who LOVES productivity, personal development and living a healthy active lifestyle so we got to chatting about how we could collaborate our passions to serve more people!

Her blog "Unapologetically Kelly" shares her life, travels, fashion and inspiration and her subscribers have first access to her inspirational posts, freebies and giveaways.  They also get personal inspirations sent to their inbox occasionally which is such a great motivation!

Kelly and I have collaborated and come up with an AMAZING free offer for our followers.  I've created a guide to my Top Tips for Painless Meal Prep and a 5 Day FREE Meal Plan and Kelly has created a FREE Printable Productivity Planner to supplement it for you all to enjoy!

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To get your FREE Top Tips to Painless Meal Prep + 5 Day Belly Blasting Meal Plan and Kelly's Productivity Planner CLICK HERE!

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