My Totally Honest Review of Shakeology


When I first heard the name "Shakeology" I honestly thought it had to be a joke.  I had seen a facebook friend of mine posting about this Shakeology stuff and thought to myself, "there's no way that stuff is legit or healthy."

3 1/2 years ago I would have never been caught dead drinking a meal replacement shake or protein shake.  I was already healthy enough.  At this point in my life I had gone through a complete nutritional transformation and was SUPER into researching what was good and bad to put into my body.  In fact, I had done TONS of research on supplements and how many of them are NOT good for our bodies (really most are not).

I had spent tons of time making my own green smoothies, juicing, and was bent set on the fact that I could get any kind of extra green or supplement I wanted to add in at whole foods or I would just eat it in a whole foods source.  I don't need a shake to make me healthier, was my mindset.  The only other "nutritional powder" I had tried was Vega One because it also had clean ingredients and I liked it but I was not drinking a "shake" made by some fitness company.

A few weeks later after seeing my friend post more about this shake I became curious.  So I went and looked it up.  The first thing I did was look at the nutritional ingredients and honestly I was shocked at what I saw.  I FULLY expected this thing to be filled with soy, artificial ingredients and tons of sugar (like every other shake I had found on the market) but it actually surprised me.

I found that it was filled with whole food, superfood ingredients.  It had NO soy, NO artificial flavors/additives, colors, or chemical ingredients.  It was filled with a bunch of superfoods that I had to look up the names of, protein (vegan or whey), enzymes, minerals and pro/pre-biotics... and it was sweetened by stevia (a plant), not sugar or high fructose syrup or JUNK like most others are.

After seeing what it really was ... I was still certainly skeptical.  I mean the price tag alone threw me for a loop.  I could totally thought I could still get at least 90% of those ingredients in my own homemade shake from WHOLE FOODS and my own supplements in less than that costed.  But when I broke it down it was much to my surprise that I actually was spending more than $3 making my own smoothies each day... and oddly enough that's how much Shakeology would cost me.

"Okay FINE - I'm going to at least try it. But I HIGHLY doubt it actually tastes as good as the smoothies I make at home." I thought.

I messaged my friend on Facebook and asked if she had any samples I could try.  She said she only had a sample of the vanilla flavor but that she would send it to me.  When I got it in the mail I was HIGHLY disappointed.  I blended it up with some water and ice (like the package recommended) and literally wanted to spit it out - TERRIBLE!

After trying that one sample I was totally bummed but I just didn't like it.  I knew they had several other flavors and me being a self proclaimed chocaholic thought I should at least try the chocolate sometime and see if that was better.  It still took me a couple months to actually work up the guts to try it again but when my friend told me it was a bottom of the bag guarantee and that if I didn't like this one I could send it back for a refund I figured I had nothing to lose.

I bought a 30 day supply of vegan chocolate Shakeology and yet again the first time I tried it, I was disappointed.  I made my husband try it and he said it tasted like DIRT (direct quote). BUT this time I had more so I figured I could play around with it and see if I was mixing it wrong.  I was determined to make it work for me because I knew the nutritional benefits I could gain far outweighed the taste... yet still I knew I couldn't buy more if I didn't want to drink this stuff every day.

So I started trying some different recipes and by the end of the 30 days I had found SEVERAL ways of blending it that were AMAZING (like tastes like a Wendy's frosty amazing!!) and so I got HOOKED!

Not only did I finally enjoy the taste but I was starting to feel the benefits.  After 30 days my energy was feeling better than ever.  In fact I had found out I was pregnant with my first daughter during the time I started drinking Shakeology (all doctor approved) and had WAY more energy than I ever thought I would.  After 60 days my skin had completely cleared up.  I had suffered from embarrassing acne for my entire teenage and adult life and finally felt confident about my skin again. Nothing in my diet had changed at this point except for Shakeology - so I knew it was a winner!  Not only that but I noticed my digestion was so much better and it actually helped me stay full.

Even with a clean diet and being a very health conscious person (organic eating, raw veggies, minimal animal proteins in my diet) I still had these changes that I didn't think I would ever have.

Making my own home made smoothies with Vega One had been great for me previously but honestly the all ran right through me (sorry if that's TMI).  I realized that it was because most of the vitamins in Vega One are synthetic or fortified whereas the vitamins in Shakeology all come from WHOLE food sources so your body absorbs them better instead of discarding them.

Not only was it insanely convenient and delicious to drink chocolate for breakfast but I just felt BETTER! It's like this healthy feeling, this healthy energy, vitality and I wasn't craving as many sweets anymore which is my biggest pain point!

I realized that drinking Shakeology was not something that I HAD to have to survive but it was something that truly benefitted my life and so that's when I decided I needed to dive into the Coaching world - because I couldn't NOT talk about it to others.

Even as a healthy person, with no weight that I needed to lose previous to discovering Shakeology the benefits FAR outweighed the costs.  We even ended up eating out less, less take out, less junk food so it easily made up for the $3 price tag in our budget.

As someone who was a skeptic for far too long, I'm thankful I finally just tried it and gave it a fair shot.

Listen, I don't think Shakeology can cure it all - its not a magic pill - its not going to make you go from being fat to fit in a week but here's what I do think... its nutrition in a glass.  Our foods and produce lose an ABUNDANCE of their original nutritional value just going from the ground to the grocery store so we don't get as many vitamins and minerals as we need in our every day diet.  And of course if you're someone who stuggles with eating clean and healthy to begin with you probably know you need some additional help.  Shakeology is able to help because it FILLS those gaps in your body that are nutrient deficient in a healthy way.

Now I've been drinking Shakeology for 3+ years daily.  Through 2 pregnancies and through nursing my daughter for 2+ years.  My daughter (now almost 3 years old) drinks it almost daily with me as well as my husband.  We buy 2 bags every single month and I wouldn't have it any other way!

But you don't have to take my word for it. Do your own research and try it for yourself!  If you want more info you can find it here.

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