6 Tips For Staying Fit While Traveling

We travel A LOT! We are constantly on the go it feels like and as soon as we get settled we are moving on to a new place. Most people would think that living this type of nomadic lifestyle would make it more difficult to stay in shape but I think I’ve mastered it! Here’s a few tips while you travel this Summer to keep you workout regimen going!

6 Tips for Working out While Traveling

1. Be flexible - Don’t hold yourself to working out exactly as the program schedule tells you to. Make sure you do your workouts but plan your off days accordingly to the day you’ll have the least amount of time. If your off day is usually a Sunday but you’re traveling on Tuesday, change your off day and instead workout on Sunday smile emoticon

2. Get up earlier - I never make the excuse that I don’t have time unless I have to wake up before 4:30am to make a flight! Normally when I know my days are going to be crazy while traveling or on vacation I wake up before anyone else does to get in my 30 minutes.

3. Use an online workout system. Use an online on demand workout program thats easy to stream your workouts and can be played from any device. This makes it so much simpler to where you can even do a workout on your phone or laptop vs having to worry about a dvd player or gym being available. I use BeachbodyOnDemand.com

4. Be DEDICATED! If you don’t make it a priority, bottom line is that it WILL NOT get done. Make this one of your top priorities, a non negotiable.

5. Set a goal and be realistic - No we’re not all robots and going to workout 24/7 while we’re on vacation so lets be realistic but if you can set a goal and a plan to how many days you will do it, you’re more likely to get it done. If you normally workout 5 days a week, make a goal to workout at least 3 days while you’re gone. Cut yourself some slack, relax a little more but also set that goal!
6. Make it fun! If you’re traveling to the beach go on a run on the beach, or if you’re traveling to the mountains, go on a hike! You’re in a new fun place so make your exercise fun and exciting and enjoy it!

Enjoy your Summer! 



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