7 Essentials for Traveling with Toddlers

I just experienced my first international travel with my now full blow toddler.  We'd taken little trips on vacation before this but a 12 hour flight with a total of 20 hours travel time was something I certainly didn't feel prepared to do on my own.  But, nonetheless, it had to be done so I did what I could.  When she was a baby it seemed easier because she didn't need to be entertained and she slept a lot more but I was pleasantly surprised with actually how well the whole trip went.  The were some glitches here and there but it wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected.  I did have a few essential items that TOTALLY helped us stay sane during this long trip from Arizona to Russia.

1.  JuJuBe Diaper Bag Back Pack

I have full video review on this diaper bag and WHY I love it so much!   But case in point - its not only cute, stylish and matches any outfit it's also its efficient, comfortable and extremely organized!!  It made my life so much easier to have everything from diapers to my mama stuff organized and much more comfortable to travel through the airport with the sturdy, padded backpack straps! I'd HIGHLY recommend this for any mommy who travels or who just wants a cute backpack to carry around all your babies' goodies!!

See my video review here --> https://youtu.be/wPnhM1UuoPQ

2. Ipad

I know, I know we shouldn't let our kids watch TV ... but lets be honest.  I just can't get on a 12 hour flight and expect to entertain a 17 month old sitting in a chair.  This. SAVED. my. LIFE.  If you don't have one, get one and load it with some awesome movies and educational TV shows and apps they can watch while on board.

3. Extra Battery Pack

There's no worse feeling than boarding a plane when your phone, ipad or pretty much any battery operated electronic dies on you when you have a long flight ahead.  Invest in a great extra battery pack to keep you charged up at ANY time you might need it.

4.  Essential Oils

I'm a huge fan of natural remedies (no drugs over here) so I kept a few of my favorites in my diaper bag.  Lavender is a great one to relax my daughter and help her fall asleep, lemon for my water to stay hydrated during the long flight and peppermint to help with any possible tummy aches and to freshen up our breathe in the morning!

5. Toddler snacks and mommy snacks

Little ones can get hungry with no notice and they typically only serve 2 meals on an international flight.  Keep some great little snacks handy to hold your little one over as well as yourself!  We like Ella's organic puffs and yogurt bites.  And I always keep Lara Bars or Kind Bars on hand for myself - cleanest bars out there!

6. Books and Toys

At some point your little one is going to get restless and want to play or read a book. Make sure to keep a few of their favorite things in your bag to change it up from the ipad games.  If you use the JuJu Backpack you'll have plenty of room to pack their favorites!

7.  Immune boosting supplements

You never know what kind of germs you'll find or better yet what your little one will find while on an aircraft or in a busy terminal, which is why I always keep 3 essential immune boosting supplements with me.  The first is a Vitamin D supplement for my daughter, its a gel liquid so I can just squirt a drop on my finger and give it to her.  The second, is AirBorne. I keep the chewables for myself and give my daughter the gummies to chew on to boost her up!  Third, I always keep a packet or two of Shakeology with me that I can mix up on the plane and always before we travel so I know I'm sure to get all the nutrients I need to keep my body and immune system healthy on the go.  Plus its great as an easy meal while we travel as well and my daughter loves to drink some of the chocolate shake!

So there you have it.  My 7 Essentials.  Some of the obvious things like diapers and wipes I left off... because well, those are a given!  But I hope this helps you prepare for your next big adventure with your little!!



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