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Would you like the opportunity to TRULY help others get healthier and live more fulfilling lives? Would you like to own your own fitness business, be held accountable to improving your own health and the health of others?  Would you like to work from home and earn extra income? Or maybe you're already fit and would like the freedom to share your love for fitness with the freedom to do it on your OWN time.  Maybe the Coaching opportunity could be for you as well.

Why become a Coach on my team, Next Level Nation?

When you join Next Level Nation as a Coach you are not only partnering with a multi billion dollar company in the fitness industry as a Team Beachbody Coach, but you are also joining a FAMILY!  A family of inspiring and uplifting people who TRULY want to make a difference in the world and work together.  We have Coaches on our team from all walks of life.  Although we do have Coaches on our team who are, I am not a certified personal trainer, nutritionist nor do I have a degree in the health field.  None of that is required to become a Coach.  I am just a normal girl, a wife and a mom who had a passion for helping others, who found a love for fitness and saw an amazing opportunity to partner with a company who had the same values.  All that is required to be a Coach is someone who when they are passionate about something want to share that with OTHERS! </

Our team is in the top .01% in the entire company.  As a Coach on our team you will not have to get started alone!  We have new Coach training groups that start every month, I will personally mentor you on how to start your business if you decide to become a Coach on my team and are accepted into my mentorship program.  We have a duplicatable system to help you to create a successful business of your own.  Not only that but the support your receive when you become a member of our team is AMAZING!  We truly care about each and every person on our team and are a fun and positive family.

In just a little over a year I have taken my team from the very bottom to one of the top 100 teams in the company.  I've grown my business from just being a hobby to a full time income.  I get to help others, socialize, be active and do all of it from the comfort of my own home.  I don't have to answer to anyone but myself.  I make my own hours, set my own schedule and have the most FUN I've ever had in any career.  I truly LOVE helping others realize their potential.  There's absolutely nothing more rewarding than that!!

As Beachbody Coaches the benefits are endless.  It allows you the freedom to work from home, on your schedule, stress free in order to spend more time with your family WHILE earning a significant income.  No more asking your boss for time off or asking permission to someone else.  As a Beachbody Coach you have the freedom to choose your schedule as well as your income.

Coaching can be whatever you want it to be.  You can use it to just share with your friends and family or you can create a supplemental income to help pay off some debt or bill or have extra fun money! You can also use it to create a full time six figure income.  It all depends on what YOU want out of your experience.

Coaches with Next Level Nation help others achieve their own fitness goals.  We provide support, motivation and encouragement.  We help hold people accountable to their goals and give them a plan of action to help them succeed!  I provide free Coaching advice to people who enroll with me as their Coach and offer my support to anyone who needs it.  

As a Coach its my mission to provide my customers with 100% support to reach their goals.  I help them with things such as how to meal plan, healthy snacking, how to eat clean while traveling, how to schedule their day to make fitness a priority and often just plain motivation!  We also run online Challenge groups that provide a supportive small group community for our customers.  This is how I best get to know my customers and help them in a small group setting. This group setting is the BEST possible way to see incredible results in my experience.

As a Beachbody Coach I am also a product of the product!!  I have workout at home to our fitness programs - I drink Shakeology EVERY day and follow the clean eating lifestyle. This means I eat whole natural foods, of course I have my slip ups and cheat meals like anyone else but this is a lifestyle not a diet so I live this way 90% of the time.  I promote Beachbody fitness program and Shakeology because they work! I know without a doubt that these programs with fitness + nutrition + support will get my customers results 100% of the time.  

Does this mean you can't go to the gym anymore? Absolutely not.  As Coaches although we DO make it a priority to use the home based programs we do have the flexibility to still do various types of workouts.  I will admit, I myself had not tried any of the Beachbody fitness programs prior to becoming a Coach.  But I fell in love with the mission of the company to help others live healthier more fulfilling lives and I have since fallen in love with many of the programs after becoming a Coach.  I've found that they provide a fantastic results oriented home workout which is PERFECT especially now that I'm a mom and don't have a lot of time to make it to a gym.  

Plus, with Beachbody On Demand I can even take my favorite Beachbody trainers with me to the gym by streaming my workouts.  My life has completely been changed by Shakeology and not only that but my mind has been transformed through the personal development I've done as a Beachbody Coach while helping to make others healthier. It has not only improved my BODY but my soul as well.  Being surrounded with a culture of like-minded, positive team of people has been the most life changing thing about being a Coach.

What Coaching is not...

Coaches are not salespeople.

In fact, if you like "selling" I encourage you to NOT apply.  Coaches are simply people who when they're passionate about something share that with others.  We help people achieve their health and fitness goals by running online challenge groups.  You don't have to earn money just by selling people products.  You simply have to share what you're doing or have done to get fit and healthy!

Coaching is not a get rich quick scheme.

Being a successful Beachbody Coach is hard work.  What you put into your business you get out of it, but let me tell you the opportunities are ENDLESS!  Coaching is not for people who are looking to just make a quick buck. Its for people who are truly committed to changing their life and the lives of others.  Are you ready to change your life and the lives of others? What are you waiting for?

I wake up every day excited to go to work now.  Its not part time job you will dread.  Its the power of being surrounded by people who lift you higher and encourage you to live a life by design that makes it SO incredible!

Coaching is not about being perfect or fitness crazy!

We have Coaches of all shapes and sizes on different points in their fitness journey.  Coaching is not about being at your goal weight or goal body.  Its about inspiring others and pushing yourself to be better than you were the last day.  What inspires is REAL people doing their workouts and working towards their goals -- not perfection.  You do not have to be an expert at anything health and fitness related nor do you have to be at your goal body.  You just have to simply be passionate and want to improve your own life and the lives of others.  If you are already at your goal body, that's great too!  We have lots of fitness vets on our team as well.  All levels of fitness can be equally as good Coaches.

I'm so blessed every day to work with the incredible women I work with on Next Level Nation.  Our team is made up of moms, wives, teachers, lawyers, nannies, young professionals and much more than that all the Coaches on our team are people who are committed to living a life by design!

When I started my business I didn't have any skills required to build a business but I did have...

- Drive

- Determination
- Passion
- A new love for health & fitness
- A desire to help others
- A desire to do something MORE with my life
- A desire to have more FREEDOM

SO if you...

- Love helping others

- Have a desire to DO MORE and live a life of freedom
- Are a go getter
- Are self motivated
- Want to make YOUR mark on the world
- Want to get in the best shape of your life
- Want to TRULY make a difference in the lives of others
- Want to live life by DESIGN - work where and when you want and love what you do
- Are Coachable and want to spend a year making short term sacrifices to achieve long term success

If any of this sounds like you, I encourage you to apply for my next Coach mentorship or reach out to me to learn more.  I also host monthly "Sneak Peek" groups that will give you a glimpse into the business to see if you are a great fit for our team.  Join my next Sneak Peek by contacting me at

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