His & Her's Review: Beachbody Performance Line & Body Beast

Its not often you'll find my husband and I working out together.  He's a professional athlete and while I was once upon a time a college athlete - I just don't work out in the gym like I used to.  But over the Summer my husband and I both bonded over a home fitness program that we could do TOGETHER!

Body Beast was a program I {at first} didn't think would be for me.  I had a preconceived notion that it was only for men, heavy lifters and bulking.  BUT when I did the research I realized that it was totally suitable for what I was looking for fitness wise {toning, muscle building, strength without bulk}.  I found some other results of women who had done it and I was sold!  Contrary to popular belief lifting heavy does not bulk women like it does men.

So when my husband decided he wanted to give it a go, we decided to do it simultaneously.  As a professional athlete he had different goals he was working on.  My husband is a 6'10'' lanky power forward for his pro basketball team.  He's always been the skinny, tall guy and had a hard time bulking and keeping weight on.  His goal when he started was to gain at least 10 lbs - and he EXCEEDED that gaining almost 14lbs in 90 days!

Here's what he had to say about Body Beast:

"Body Beast is for anyone that wants to tone up or gain muscle. It is a great workout that requires weights at your home or you can take it to a gym.  I liked the flexibility of that. I also love that the workouts push you to the max. I had great results of gaining around 12-14 pounds in just one 3 month session of doing it 5 days a week with weights and once with cardio and abs.  That's the most I've EVER gained in my off season and something I've struggled with a lot.  My team specifically told me they wanted me to gain at least 10lbs this Summer and I did that PLUS some.  They were really impressed how I came back in such great shape.

I think it really helped having a set schedule and regimen of someone telling me exactly what I needed to do each day.  At the same time I didn't break the bank on hiring personal trainer.

The workouts are short but high intensity and give you a good rhythm. I really enjoy this because I want to get in and get things done and then be done with it.  Plus the convenience of doing it at home was nice too!

I really can’t wait to do it again to see the gains again!"

90 Day Results from Body Beast

While we both did the program we had very different results.  I wasn't necessarily looking to lose any weight or gain any weight - I just wanted some REAL definition in my shoulders, arms, and legs and to really feel STRONG like an athlete again!  And it sure did that for me!!  

What I loved about Body Beast:

- I'm a big fan of weight lifting but I haven't lifted "heavy" in a long time.  I loved that this challenged me to lift heavier.  This program got me better results that I have seen in a long time when it comes to definition!

- I had kind of gotten sick of cardio workouts, so this was a great change for me.  While it wasn't cardio intensive there were a few thrown in there and the strength workouts moved quickly for the most part so many of them still got my heart rate up really high.

- I loved that I could do this at home or even take it to the gym with me.  At home we had our weights and equipment but we also traveled quite a bit this Summer.   So when we did we used Beachbody On Demand to stream the workouts, went to a local gym/rec center and did the workouts there!

What I could live without:

- Sagi the trainer {I won't lie} isn't my favorite to listen to.  While he is motivating ...he kinda sounds like a total meat head sometimes and his thick accent isn't the most pleasing to the ear haha.  Most of the time I followed along the workouts with headphones listening to something else.  But its worth it cause he got me some of the best results of my LIFE, which shows he knows what he's doing!

- I wish there was a bigger focus on lower body strength in the schedule.  I saw some great improvements in my lower body but I think if there were 2 lower body workouts each week it would have been even more significant.

I would HIGHLY recommend Body Beast for anyone wanting to gain strength, muscle and definition.  I will definitely be doing it again and it got me excited to try Sagi and Autumn Calabrese's (creator of 21 Day Fix) new program Hammer & Chisel that releases in December!!

On top of drinking Shakeology every day we both used the new Performance line from Beachbody as well to amp up our results!

What is the Performance line?

The Performance Line provides enhanced energy, better endurance, unbeatable strength and faster recovery times.  With an extreme program like Body Beast this was a non-negotiable for us to recovering and getting better results.

The Performance Line was particularly designed for fitness enthusiasts who enjoy these extreme workouts as the products can help you push through those personal limitations and deliver better muscle recovery and energy!  If you're new to fitness and you lack the energy and motivation, or if you struggle with soreness - Beachbody Performance line will sort you out in no time!

If you're someone who workouts regularly and changes things up, you are also probably used to the constant soreness that can go along with that - especially with a solid strength training regimen.  It certainly means your workouts are effective, which is great but it can be quite uncomfortable.   Here's the good news - you don't have to suffer anymore!!!

The Beachbody Performance line can help you speed up post-workout recovery and help you work out harder and achieve SO much better results, faster!!  Plus - you don't have to walk around sore and stiff anymore.

The Performance Line is an easy to use supplement system, designed my Harvard-trained scientists, to complement your fitness regime.  They combined nature's best superfoods with cutting-edge science to deliver a guaranteed performance boost to accelerate results.

Each and every ingredient in the Performance Line has been tested to scientifically enhance both performance and recovery.  It is also NSF Certified (which my husband was VERY happy about) and dietician approved!

The Performance Line consists of 5 formulas.  Below you can see a description of each as well as my review and my husband's review of each product.

Beachbody Performance Pre-Workout Energize:

Energize increases energy and endurance while improving reaction time and sharpening focus to help enhance intense exercise and performance.  But, without any tingling, or weird side effects other pre-workouts can cause.  It's available in a lemon flavor and tastes amazing!

Retail Price: $49.95, Preferred Customer Price: $37.46

Travis' Review:   "Don't leave home without it!! It's a great way start to any workout. I use it for just about anything, honestly, when I need an energy boost. I definitely use it before my workouts (when I was doing Body Beast and now with my team) with weights but also cardio. As a professional athlete I take it before practices and games and I have totally noticed a difference in my energy and my endurance. I use 1 or 2 scoops depending on how much of a pick me up I need and also how much of a workout I am about to have.  The flavor is awesome - I've gotten a bunch of the guys on my team to use it as well cause its THAT good!  I used to resort to soda or sugar filled energy drinks to get me through a long day of training or a tough workout but Energize has changed the game for me.  No more crashing after the games or feeling deflated.  Energize gives you a high without making you crash or giving you the shakes like a sugar filled energy drink - I can't even believe I ever drank those now!  I don't come home and crash after every workout anymore like I used to.  

My review:  I've seen HUGE differences in the intensity of my workouts since using Energize.  I use energize before every morning workout and get this immediate burst of energy to go HARD during my workouts for the FULL time.  I used to feel pretty sluggish in the morning but this has really helped me get going and hit it hard!!  

  1. Beachbody Performance Hydrate During-Workout
Available in Citrus Cooler flavor, Hydrate supports hydration while you work out. It replaces lost electrolytes as you exercise, improves your endurance, and fuels those hard-working muscles.
Retail Price: $34.95, Preferred Customer Price: $26.21

Travis' ReviewI love this for an in-workout drink. Most sport drinks are loaded with sugars and they will bring you down once it wears off. This is a steady long term solution to keep me feeling good during my work outs and long practices or in any kind of cardio.  I use this now in place of water or gatorade to hydrate during my games and can totally feel a difference in my endurance and overall hydration during and even after games.  I normally get dehydrated really easy when I'm running and sweating a lot and since using hydrate I haven't experienced that.

My review:  I won't lie - I really don't sweat a lot when I workout.  So I personally didn't see that this product was necessary for me right now.  I did use it during a couple really tough workouts and liked it but I didn't use it long term.  Although it tasted good - I'm still just a huge fan of the crisp clean taste of cold water during a workout.

  1.  Beachbody Performance Recover Post-Workout
Enjoy a Chocolate Chill flavored shake after a tough workout to help speed muscle recovery,  combat exercise-induced muscle pains, improve recovery of muscle strength and promote lean muscle synthesis.
Retail Price: $69.95, Preferred Customer Price: $52.46

Travis' ReviewI need this overtime after any work out. The different types of proteins combined with amino acids are a great combination that help your body recover for the rest of your day.  The taste was awesome and I didn't get sore like I normally do after lifting which was great!

My Review:  This was my fav!! I looked forward to the chocolatey Wendy's frosty tasting drink after every workout.  While using this product my soreness was GREATLY reduced - I couldn't believe it!! I'll be using this after every tough workout or heavy lifting session from now til the end of time!!!

  1.  Beachbody Performance Recharge Nighttime
Support the overnight recovery of your muscles with Vanilla Dream flavored shake. Recharge Nighttime also reduces the breakdown of your muscles, promotes lean muscle synthesis and improves overnight adaptation to exercise.
Retail Price: $69.95, Preferred Customer Price: $52.46

Travis' ReviewThis is something that is great for ultimate results. Taken at night before bed so that you can your body ready for the next workout. It also has amino acids in it so that your muscles can recover faster than normal with out it.  I woke up feeling super refreshed and ready to workout with it!  The vanilla flavor was good but just make sure to shake it up a lot so it doesn't clump together.

Jackie's Review:  When combined with Recover at night (on really hard workout days) I had ZERO soreness.  I woke up so ready to hit my workouts with on the days after I used this.  I also saw a very noticeable difference in my muscle growth and overall strength.  I did notice a slight tummy discomfort with this one so I didn't use it as often as the Recover.

  1.  Beachbody Performance Creatine
Unflavored, Creatine mixes well with Beachbody Performance Recover Post-Workout to boost high intensity exercise performance and enhance the effects of your resistance training.
Retail Price: $19.95, Preferred Customer Price: $14.96

Travis' Review:  I saw major gains while using creatine.  I just mixed it with my recovery shake every day - it has no flavor so you really can't tell a difference! But I really think this helped with how much I gained in strength and mass.

Although I didn't use creatine for my workouts, my husband and I continue to use Hydrate, Energize and Recover almost every day because we've seen such incredible results!

You can purchase all these products separately or in stacks to save money.  Click here to purchase your Beachbody Performance Line products or Body Beast.

  • Energize
  • Recover
Retail Price: $109.95, Preferred Customer Price: $82.46

  • Energize
  • Hydrate
  • Recover
  • Recharge
Retail Price: $199.95, Preferred Customer Price: $149.96

  • Energize
  • Hydrate
  • Recover
  • Recharge
  • Creatine
Retail Price: $214.95, Preferred Customer Price: $161.21

Retail Price: $19.95, Preferred Customer Price: $14.96

  • Get Energize and Recover, plus 90 Days of On Demand Access for only $140!
You’ve earned it. Treat yourself to the Beachbody Performance System and achieve the results you’ve always wanted and the body you have always dreamed of. I know it’s a lot to take in, so if you need more info, if you have questions, or if you want to become a Preferred Customer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at jackiepetersonfitness@gmail.com

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