5 Tips To Surviving Thanksgiving

I'm a big believer in healthy living 365 days a year.  I truly believe that eating clean is a lifestyle and have never believed that dieting works!  I used to watch members of my family hop from diet to diet to diet, losing a few pounds and then going right back to where they started a week later.  I guess I grew to believe that "diets" meant you were going to be overweight, which is why I've made it my mission to share with people a lifestyle you can achieve EVERY day that will yield health benefits FOREVER!  And the Holidays are NO different!

Now, that being said, I don't believe you have to give up all your Holiday favorites.  And I do believe in cheat meals or HAPPY meals as I like to call them.  No, not cheat DAYS, cheat meals.  That's right - when you're living a healthy lifestyle 365 days a year, one meal a week off the norm isn't going to hurt your progress or results.  But maybe you're sitting here thinking... "well that would be nice but I am currently NOT living a healthy lifestyle.. so what can I do?"

All things in moderation my friends!! Its a motto I live by.  No one expects you to be perfect and Thanksgiving is one of those days we feast and enjoy family and friends - and I'm not one to mess with tradition!!  But here's 5 tips that can help you stay on track and no OVERDO it, leaving you feeling sick, bloated and miserable next week about your body and health.

1.  Watch your portions.

Even if you you're eating 100% healthy you can still overdo it with your portions.  And on Thanksgiving its no different.  Instead of piling on 3 servings of mac'n cheese - stick to one portion of just your favorites.  If you don't like cranberries or dressing, don't eat them just for the sake of Thanksgiving.  Choose wisely and fill your plate proportionally.

2. Make a healthy alternative.

You can be the one to the party that brings a healthier version of your traditional favorite.  Instead of traditional sweet potato casserole topped with marshmallows, try a healthier version like this Yam Pecan Crumble.

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3. Pick 1 dessert.

That's right, you don't need to eat it ALL! Pick one of your favorites and stick with it!

4. Skip the alcohol

Remember, liquid calories count toward your total caloric intake for the day.  Especially if you're attending an all day event, take it easy on the alcohol!  Alcohol actually lessens your resolve to make good choices (food included) with portions and can definitely lead to overeating.  Grab something like a La Croix fizzy water to give you the bubble without the calories!

5. Be Social

The best way to slow down and really enjoy your meal is to chat with your friends and family.  Really take this time to engage and connect and catch up!!

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!!



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