What is 22 Minute Hard Corp?

I've recently been getting a lot of questions about this brand new home workout I've been doing so I wanted to give you the scoop on it!! Now that I'm well into my 3rd week of the 8 week program,  I've gotten a good feel for how it all works so here's my honest review!

When I first heard about it I was skeptical that a 22 minute workout could fulfill all my needs for my fitness goals. But I am a busy mom to a toddler and business owner so I figured I had to give it a shot! Anything that saves me time is crucial!

I have to say I've been very pleasantly surprised by the workouts in the program. I am personally more of a weights and little to no sweating type of girl and I thought all these workouts would be super intense cardio, which is not exactly the case.  But it did get me sweating my butt off like I rarely do! Which was a nice change!!

The workouts are a great mixture of cardio, resistance and core training.  And while I sweat quite a bit more than I normally do during workouts I think that the mixture of resistance training makes it much more enjoyable for me than a straight cardio program like Insanity.  Plus - you can honestly do anything for 22 minutes!!   Its crazy how quickly you start and then its over before you know it!

The workouts are military bootcamp style.  The thing I love about that is that all the moves are super simple to do, they are easily modified for any fitness level but also challenging!  As a former D1 athlete and being used to tough strength and conditioning workouts these remind me a lot of the bootcamp style workouts we did in college (only not nearly as hard or as long - thank goodness)!

BUT make no mistake this program is FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS!!  It is designed as an intermediate fitness program that you can either amp UP for advanced or modify for beginners.  The moves truly are so simple that anyone can do them!  Think, pushups, lunges, squats, sit ups, planks, mountain climbers.  Those are just some of the basics but you get the gist!

Check out this clip below of some of the moves from the workout.

You can use little or no weights to start with and modify your workouts as you get stronger and as your stamina and endurance build over the 8 weeks you can up your intensity!

I started working out at home because I have very little time to get to the gym with my baby and because we travel so much that paying for a gym membership was basically a waste!  To be honest with you I was never a fan of hiring a personal trainer because of the cost and because I prefer to work out on my own but I do love having a set plan with these programs!  I love that I have someone (virtually) telling me what to do and showing me exactly what I need to do to get results.

Plus, the secret sauce in my opinion is support which is why Challenge groups having been a saving grace for me!  If I didn't have the support and a calendar of workouts to follow I would certainly be falling off the wagon just like everyone else which is why I believe in the whole experience!

I love this workout because it allows me to work hard in minimal time! I can EASILY get this done early AM before the little one wakes up or during nap time and still have time to do other things.  And if that doesn't happen I often can do it while my daughter is awake in the mornings (she even started copying me and trying to do squats and pushups)!  It think its super important that we lead by example as parents and show our kids from a young age that health and fitness IS important!

So all in all, I truly have become a HUGE fan of this program.  I was never a big Tony Horton fan and personally failed miserably every time I attempted P90X but this program is nothing like that, in my opinion!

I've been blown away by the transformations coming out of the test group.  It proves you CAN get in an amazing workout with results in just 22 minutes a day!  Umm heck yeah!?!

So what do you get in your program?

#1:  If you are not currently a Shakeology drinker you are going to want to get the 22 Minute Hard Corps Challenge Pack that comes with a 30 day supply of Shakeology, 22 minute hard corps program with 8 workouts, Tony's 8 week basic training action plan, his rations for results nutrition field guide, resistance PT Sandbag and optional hell week challenge card to get your results over the top.  Plus a free 30 day trial of the team Beachbody club membership {live streaming of workouts}.

#2:  If you already are a Shakeology drinker you can get the 22 Minute Hard Corps And Beachbody Performance Pack Instead.
This comes with Beachbody Performance Energize which is a pre-workout supplement that will boost your energy, sharpen your focus, push harder, and last longer in your workouts.  {this is what I drink every morning before my workout}.   And Beachbody Performance Recover which is a post-workout drink that helps maximize muscle recovery and keep you from getting sore (I personally don't do a tough workout without it anymore - byebye soreness)! 

**Beachbody has discounted these packages for the launch of the program in the month of March but they will increase next month.

Are you ready to get started on your journey?  I'd love to work with you!  You can join my Exclusive Bikini Bootcamp Challenge and I will support you on your journey with other like-minded women who are ready to get in shape for Summer!

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I can't wait to work with you!! And just remember you can do hard things!!


Jackie Peterson

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