3 Day Refresh Cleanse + Busy Mom Bikini Bootcamp

Last month was rough for me and my fitness journey.  I've prided myself on being healthy and fit and living the lifestyle for over 5 years now but as we know EVERYONE has slip ups.  I was traveling A LOT and not being consistent.

When I got back home I was feeling extra bloated and FLUFFY to say the least.   I gained 10 pounds in two months.  5 in 2 weeks. The first 5 I was okay with, I was doing a muscle building program and knowing that muscle weighs more than fat I knew I would "gain" and shed fat, which I did. And loved it!! But in the next 2 weeks I gained another 5 lbs on account of traveling, eating out 24/7 on the road, only sporadically working out, too many margaritas and tacos and stopping breastfeeding (which severely lowered my Calorie burning ability). 

For the first Time in 7 years I let the scale get to me. I fell off the wagon and embarrassing as that is... I know I'm human and I'm never going to be perfect. The good news is I'm back on track but I severely let myself down. Have you ever done that? The good news is l NEVER quit.  I just decided it was time for a re-set!!!

That's when I started the 3 Day Refresh.  What is it? Its a 3 day, no starvation cleanse designed to detox your body, renew you and get your health, energy and vitality back on track.  Its not a juice cleanse that will tax your organs, not a crash diet that will mess with your metabolism.  Its a healthy way to re-set and kickstart your journey.

Here's how it works:

You get Shakeology (whole foods shake) for breakfast to give you all your nutrients + fruit.
Mid morning you get a fiber sweep shake
For lunch you have a delicious vanilla fresh shake + a serving of fruit, veggies and a healthy fat such as avocado, hummus, etc.
Your afternoon snack is another serving of fresh veggies + healthy fats.
For dinner you get a vanilla fresh shake + your choice of a dinner option which consist of whole foods.

I won't lie, when I heard cleanse I thought I would never be able to do this.  But this is such a fantastic option for people who are "scared" of cleanses or have never done one before.  I am a cleanse newbie and this was SO do-able.  The shakes taste amazing minus the fiber sweep. Fiber sweep tasted like lemon water but it has a strange texture.  Its one of those you just drink cause you have to but it leaves you feeling refreshed!

After 3 days I lost 6lbs!!!!!!!!!

This was JUST the re-set I needed to feel like myself again!!! I'm SO excited about my results and not only that but how I FEEL!
The puffiness and fluffiness is GONE, my energy is UP and I'm feeling healthy and comfortable again!!!
The best part is that I could still eat food, this isn't a cleanse where you starve yourself. It's a really great kickstart!!
If you want to try this, I am combining this 3 day cleanse with my Busy Mom Bikini Bootcamp! We will be doing a 3 day detox to kickstart a 21 day health and fitness challenge after that!

Self love and self care as a mama is SO important and that will be our focus for 24 days!! If you're a mama or just a woman needing a little extra self care to be the best version of you apply HERE to join us or contact me at jackiepetersonfitness@gmail.com!

We'll start July 18th.

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