Top Tips on Setting Goals this New Year

If you're like me you're just getting around to making goals and resolutions for the New Year.  I almost needed a complete re-set and recovery from the Holidays for a day or two before I sat down to truly determine what I want to achieve in 2018.

I think that's okay because I often see people rush into making new goals, get overly excited and then fizzle out by week 3!!!  That's certainly what I used to do when I made "resolutions" each year but I've learned a better way.  Can you imagine actually setting goals and achieving them this year instead of wasting your time putting binders together and vision boards just to fail and give up by week 2 or month 2?  #wevealldoneit

I'm not a huge fan of the term resolution, however, I think its POWERFUL to write down your goals.  But writing them down just one time a year isn't going to get you anywhere.  My biggest pet peeve is seeing people develop these LONG drawn out goal boards, binders with in depth analysis of how they're going to achieve their goals. They spend hours on end putting together these gorgeous planners and spend very little time on actually taking ACTION to achieve the goals on their list.

1. Thats why my first tip is to set specific, measurable goals with ACTION items.

Simply saying your goal is to "get healthy" is WAY too broad.  Goals must be measure-able in order for you to take specific action toward them.  Lets break down the goal to "get healthy" into something more attainable like:

Eat vegetables with each and every meal
or drink 80 oz of water every day
or exercise for 30 minutes 4x per week.

Your goals MUST be specific actionable items in order for you to be able to carry them out!

Here's another example.

If your broad goal is to save money for a Disney vacation for your family, think about your specific goals that will get you to that end result. Such as...

Stop driving through Starbucks every morning to save the extra $5/day (do you realize that's $1800/YEAR!!!)


start ordering groceries online so I don't overbuy (this has saved us TONS of money this year)


Go out to eat only 2x per month to save for vacation.


Apply for an extra side job (or start your own biz) to earn an extra $200/month.

All of these examples you can take ACTION on TODAY!

2. Don't just write your goals once.

I think its extremely powerful to write out your goals, however writing them 1x a year is pretty much pointless.  Writing out that huge binder of goals and throwing it in your office closet isn't going to cut it.  Its going to end up collecting dust and so will your goals be easily forgotten.

Keep a short goal list where you can see it DAILY and make it a practice to re-write your goals weekly, monthly and quarterly!  Every time you re-write them (and they may completely change) you'll  be re-ignited and re-motivated to achieve them!

3. Set goals in each area of your life that is important to you.

I think its important to be improving yourself in multiple areas each year.  However, at different times in your life you will have 1 or 2 areas that are your key priorities.  Each year I set goals in my physical health, my finances, mental well being, marriage, relationships, career, spirituality, personal growth and fun/joy.  Each key area is important to me but its important to identify which is your KEY priority above the rest right now otherwise you'll be pulled in 1000 directions.

4. Set shorter goals 

I personally like to set short more manageable goals.  Instead of setting goals like, lose 100 lbs or make $100,000 its much more manageable and not so overwhelming to set monthly or quarterly goals that will ultimately lead up to that larger goal.   Reverse engineer your big goal to make it ACTIONABLE and not stifling for you.  I'm personally not setting any goals beyond 90 days.

5. Know your PUSH goal

If you haven't done the 30 Day Push Challenge, I highly recommend that you check it out!  A push goal is one that puts all the other goals into action.  If you achieve your push goal its likely that you'll achieve ALL your other goals.

For example some of my goals this year include things like... getting 8 hours of sleep each night, having weekly date nights with my husband, setting a specific (lower) number of hours to work each week, having more time for hobbies, more time to do continued education, doing more activities with my children, taking more vacations... a huge chunk of my goals include needing more time (most will mean you need either more time or more money).  So my push goal is to automate/outsource more of my business so that I can walk away and create more time doing other things that bring me joy in life!  If I achieve that goal all the other ones I have will likely be achieved.  For more examples go to I also highly recommend the SMARTLIFE PUSH Journal.

6. Consider your inner fulfillment

Ask yourself one question before setting each new goal.

How would accomplishing this goal make me feel even if NO ONE else knew about it?  Stop worrying about the external appearance of your goals and start thinking more about how your goals could impact your family and your purpose/fulfillment!  Ultimately that is what's going to bring you more joy and happiness in life - and isn't that why we set these goals in the first place?


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