What is the 80 Day Shred?

Some of you may know that awhile back I was asked to be part of a test group for a new extreme 80 day fitness + nutrition program. In fact over the course of 80 days I lost 10lbs and 12.5 inches!

NOW this program is officially launching the public! And I have the opportunity to share this program with you as I host my OWN 80 day SHRED group featuring this program. I’ll be accepting a max of 10 women into the SHRED!!

Let me tell you more about it… for me being a post partum mom I knew this journey was going to be a tough one! This program is no cake walk - its the most extreme program I’ve personally ever done since having children, but as you can see it gets extreme results!!!!

All of these women pictured here were in the test group with me. We sweated together every single day, held each other accountable… cried and whined together when it was hard and celebrated when we finished and hit some major goals!!! Many of us are mothers and while we had a TON going on in our lives we decided to do something DIFFICULT by taking on this program. And it worked! Hard work = big results!

So what is this 80 Day program?  

The 80 Day group will feature a cutting edge fitness + nutrition program created by Super Trainer, Autumn Calabrese.  80 Day Obsession is designed to help you burn fat and get super lean while chiseling out your abs and butt!  Its an extreme home workout that takes fitness + nutrition to a WHOLE new level!  Think P90X on steroids but more for women who want a booty and flat abs and way more fun (my personal opinion).

Who is this workout for?

This is an extreme program so its not recommended for beginners.  I recommend being at an advanced or intermediate fitness level at least.  If you're looking to UPLEVEL your fitness results and still be able to do it from the convenient setting of your home, this is for you.

What are the workouts like?

The workouts range from 45 minutes to 1 hour long (more on the longer side) and use equipment such as booty bands, sliders and heavy weight lifting to chisel out your core and build your booty without bulking!  No 2 workouts in the entire 80 days is the same!  This is the first program of its kind to have unique workouts daily just like you would get when you see a personal trainer on a daily basis.  

The workouts include a booty workout, cardio core, leg workout, AAA (abs, arms, ass), Total Body Core and Cardio Flow.  Its comprised of 3 main phases that will constantly have your body guessing so that you NEVER EVER plateau.  And when I say never plateau I literally mean NEVER ... you'll be sore for an entire 80 days baby! haha!

In phase 1 you'll learn the moves, focus on good form and building strength.
In phase 2 you'll do more compound moves and add more weights.
In phase 3 you'll add in plyos in addition to the intense compound moves.

What equipment is required?

Several sets of dumbbells in different sizes
Resistance loops
Floor Sliders

What is the nutrition plan like?

The nutrition plan combines a portion control system + timed nutrition.  The program tells you EXACTLY what macros to eat at what time of the day based on your goals and the time of day you workout.  There's ZERO guessing.  This helps maximize results, recovery and performance!  Its NOT low carb or low protein or low fat or low anything. You eat a balanced diet to FEED your muscles and it works!

The plan also allows for schedule "re-feed" days.  On these days you'll eat a high amount of carbs to re-fill your muscles with glycogen.

The meal plan can be customized for any dietary restrictions such as vegan, allergies and breastfeeding.

Do I need to use supplements?
I highly highly recommend using Energize (pre-workout), Recover (post workout supplement) and Shakeology.  I personally used all 3 of these supplements daily during my 80 day journey.  These workouts are so intense you're going to need energize to push you through the full hour most days and TRUST ME ... if you think you're sore WITH using recover you don't want to know how sore you are without it... I tested this myself and it makes a huge difference!

Shakeology is going to be your go-to to re-fuel your body with depleted nutrients. I personally couldn't have survived the timed nutrition without my one "go-to" simple meal of the day!

So… if you’re ready to get extreme results….
Here’s who I’m looking for for my 80 day Shred Group:

•women who want to work hard and up level their fitness!
•want to tone abs. legs & butt
•I recommend at least 6 months post partum (and/or have gone through at least one other fitness program first, breastfeeding moms - there’s a plan for you as well)
•ready to workout for 1 hour/6 days per week
•commit to eating healthy for 80 days (minus some cheats)!
Intermediate to advanced fitness level recommended
What you’ll get as part of this group:
•insane results in your abs, butt, legs, EVERYTHING
•fat loss
•more energy!
•exactly what to eat and when (no guessing)
•80 new workouts (40 minutes - 1hour long)
•80 days of support and accountability
•Special equipment (booty bands + ab sliders)
•Supplements to help you with soreness, recovery energy and vitality depending on your personal goals/needs (optional).
Are you ready to get crazy awesome results and UPLEVEL your goals?
We start prepping for this group next Monday January 15th! 

Email me at jackiepetersofitness@gmail.com if you think you’re a good fit!

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