Lose 5 + BOOST Your Supply FREE 5 Day Challenge

Do you want to learn how to lose weight while breastfeeding without sacrificing your milk supply?

If you've tried fad diets before you know that they just don't work for breastfeeding mamas.  Taking care of our bodies is incredibly important but NOT at the expense of a potential dip in supply.

In this FREE 5 Day Challenge I want to empower you to learn how to lose weight safely and effectively while breastfeeding while simultaneously getting a BOOST in your milk supply.

Sound impossible?  ITS NOT!

There is a healthy way to lose weight while you're breastfeeding and I'll take you step by step through that process in this 5 day BOOST Your Supply + Lose 5 Challenge.

In this challenge you'll learn:

  • What foods to eat to lose weight safely + BOOST your supply
  • How many calories you should be eating
  • What kind of exercise to do for maximum fat loss without sacrificing your supply
  • What foods you should not be eating 
  • 3 Reasons Your Milk Supply Could Drop

Here's the resources you'll get as a part of this challenge:

  • Daily LIVE coaching from me as your guide
  •  Milk boosting recipes and tips to increase supply
  • Accountability + Support inside our VIP community
  • Workout Advice and Instructions
  • My 5 Day Nursing Mama Meal Guide
  • Advice to Accelerate Your Results Safely

If you're ready to lose weight, gain energy and truly get HEALTHY in a safe way after having your baby click here to join the challenge we start March 18th!

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