I've got a cold. Can I still workout?

It's inevitable, we all catch the common cold at some point. No matter how much we try to avoid it. Especially being around grimy little nuggets 😊 For me, I'm back on my workout game today! I'm a little stuffy but it not bad enough to skip 2 workouts this week. 
I get asked this question often:
I've got a cold. Should I still workout? The answer is a little different for everyone but...
How do you know if you're sick enough to skip your workout?!
Number 1 you should always listen to your body BUT you also have to draw a line. 
I'm kinda gonna give you some tough love here and tell you that the sniffles and a mild case of the common cold are not a good enough reason to miss more than 1 workout a week. That's my personal opinion but there's also actually no proof that moderate exercise affects your immune system with a cold. And that's a fact, BUT...
Here's some signs that you CAN still do a moderate intensity workout without compromising your immune system... And sometimes even making you feel a little better.
✔runny nose
✔scratchy throat
✔mild cough
However if you have any of these symptoms it's best to rest and skip it til your symptoms subside!
✔dry cough
Stay healthy Fit Girls!

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