Nursing & Exercise: Questions Answered

I’ve been nursing my daughter for 19 months and I am SO thankful that I’ve been able to give her that gift. It certainly wasn’t easy … It didn’t come naturally to me. I went through lots and lots of tears along the way but it was certainly all worth it. 

I will say I’m getting to the point where I’m ready to have my body to myself before we even THINK about having another baby (I’m sure some of you can relate) but I just don’t have the heart to say goodbye to it because although I’m ready to be done, I don’t think Nora quite is. 

Question for you… how did you start weaning your little one?

I also get LOTS of questions from nursing moms concerning two main topics, so I thought I’d share.

Can I work out while nursing my baby? 
Is Shakeology safe while I’m nursing my baby?

Here’s my answers. And while I’m certainly not a healthcare professional .. I always recommend consulting with your doctor or midwife but what I can offer is my own personal experience and the experience of many of my clients.

I’ve personally been working out since I was 6 weeks post partum. I’ve done various Beachbody programs including 21 day fix, PiYo, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Insanity Max 30 and Body Beast. Slowly working my way up the level of difficulty to see how my body responded. 

I NEVER saw a decrease in my milk supply but as I did more intense workouts I did what felt right for my body and added MORE calories!!! The biggest thing I tell my nursing clients like myself is that you have to EAT more and be aware of the signals your body is giving you. Listen listen listen to your body ALWAYS! 

So YES - you can work out while nursing!! In fact, studies have shown that moderate exercise can actually increase your supply while nursing and even reduce stress levels and increase your energy!

On Shakeology - I have also personally been drinking it since I was 18 weeks pregnant (2 years straight) and seen nothing but positive results and a healthy supply. Please consult with your doctor - but in my own experience I can’t imagine NOT giving my baby the same INCREDIBLE superfood nutrition that I’m getting (that would just be selfish to me). 

I didn’t always use it as a meal replacement if I needed more calories but I have been drinking it EVERY SINGLE DAY since before I had my baby. And she is one healthy little chunker!!! I honestly wish that more moms asked this question about EVERYTHING they put into their bodies (including ice cream, soda and processed foods). I’m the type of person that looks at EVERY ingredient of what I’m eating to make sure its CLEAN and has nothing harmful or chemical in it before I eat it or give it to my baby - and Shakeology was no different. 
This really all goes hand in hand with nutrition and exercise. The more nutrient dense your foods, the better and that’s what Shakeology helps with. But if you ever have questions PLEASE don’t hesitate to shoot me a message at to learn more about my upcoming challenge group. I don't believe any mom should put off her fitness journey because she's nursing and I believe it will only benefit you and your baby! 

I truly LOVE working with other nursing moms to help you feel and look your best while giving your little one MORE than the best!!! Xoxo

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