Love YOURSELF, Love YOUR BODY Challenge

February is here!! Its a brand new month so let me ask you...Are you ready to start your year now??  To take action on those goals you want to achieve this year with your health and fitness?
ONLY 2 WEEKS til Valentine’s Day and whether you have someone special to share it with or not I think this month is ALL about SELF love!!!!
I TRULY belief self love and self worth and confidence are the foundation to success and having healthy relationships SO….
I’m putting a fitness & nutrition group together this month called LOVE YOURSELF, LOVE YOUR BODY and I’m looking for 10 new ladies to join me who want to get in shape, get support and fall in love with your BODY and your LIFE again!!
We will be focusing on:
Meal planning

We will spend 3-weeks eating working out consistently, eating clean (with a full meal, shopping list and recipes) and finishing off the month stronger, happier and more confident!!!
I'm only offering 10 spots so if you're interested email me TODAY subject "love yourself" at OR apply HERE!

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