Top Tips for Working Out with a Toddler

The biggest question I get asked is …”how do you do it?”  How do I fit exercise in with a toddler, pregnancy, a business.. and honestly my best tip is… I JUST DO.  I make it a priority.  

I'm not always perfectly planned out. As ideal as it sounds to wake up by 6 am for my workout before Nora is awake... it doesn't always happen.  And by nap time I am working so I try not to spend my time working out while she's sleeping.  That being said...

I know first hand that discipline starts off feeling HARD. REALLY HARD! Its hard to overcome the stress of kids, the desire to workout and often we feel unmotivated or lazy (and I'm guilty of this too) that we blame our kids for our own lack of motivation.

Most of the time its not the kids who will not let you workout, its your own MINDSET!  Most children as long as they are clean and fed are going to follow in your lead, so you have to set the tone.

By no means does it always go perfectly when you workout with little ones but its better than nothing.  Here's my TOP 3 Tips for working out with toddlers.

Tip #1 Set them up - set your kiddos up with toys, snacks and drinks right by where you are working out so they are entertained and will leave less room for interruptions.  Like I said, as long as they aren't tired or hungry they are more than likely going to follow your lead.  Give them snacks and let them run around you playing while you get your sweat on!

Tip #2 Get them involved!! Even if they whine for a minute they will realize you aren’t stopping and most likely get over it haha… plus if you make it fun for them they will be excited too!  Let them play on your yoga mat or teach them how to do some moves with a  resistance band.  Give them some tickles or dance in between moves to make them giggle :) I guarantee they will start to mimic you and enjoy it!

Tip #3 Don’t expect it to be perfect.  They might make a mess. They might fuss for a minute. They might interrupt you for a potty break or want something else from the kitchen, they might run around crazy… and guess what ITS OKAY! Hit that pause button girl.  That’s what its there for as far as I’m concerned :)  

And the more you consistently work out - the more they will know its just part of the routine!  And kids LOVE routine - so keep it up and the easier it will get :)

But my biggest BONUS tip of all is LOSE the mom guilt!!! You are NOT  a bad mom for taking 30 minutes to exercise while your kids run around.  You are a GREAT MOM.  You are showing your kids how to live a healthy life.  You are setting an example of discipline and guidance.  You are literally showing them what a healthy, happy, vibrant mother looks like.  You HAVE to do it not just for you but for THEM!  It makes them better too!  Don't lose sight of that friend.  You are amazing and you deserve to be healthy and so does your family. 



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