Top Secrets to Lose the Post Pregnancy Belly Bulge

That stubborn post pregnancy belly pooch can be incredibly frustrating.  In fact, its one of the most talked about problem spots for the women I work with. As a mom of 2 it was incredibly frustrating to try and lose that belly fat and bloating after having my own babies.

I specifically remember how I felt after having my 2nd baby and realizing that my body was just not the same anymore.  I obviously expected it to change, however, what I didn't expect was for it to be SO stubborn to change.  In my mind I was still a college athlete but in reality my body was so incredibly weak.

I remember trying on clothes for an event a couple of months post pregnancy and going through nearly my entire closet trying to find something that didn't show my belly popping out.  I sat on the bed and cried because I felt so incredibly frustrated. Of course I "had nothing to wear" for the event but more than that I just felt hopeless.  The thought of still having to wear maternity clothes was humiliating to me (even if no one knew, I knew)!

I searched instagram for inspiration but social media has a way of making you just feel worse about yourself sometimes, amiright?  I saw women just after delivery with these perfectly toned abs and thought... how?!  Why can't my body just "snap back" this time?

When I was 6 months post pregnancy and still looked pregnant was when ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH.  I had been exercising daily, (even to the point of extreme exercising) I was eating perfectly portioned foods at perfect times and my stomach was still not budging! At this point, making a change was not about looking a certain way but it was about my own self confidence and health.  It was about feeling like myself and finally knowing that I COULD bust through this plateau in a healthy way.

That was when I stopped following the status quo and started doing my own research to figure out why I couldn't lose the belly fat and bloating. The things I learned truly changed my mentality and changed my life.  Now, I've made it my mission to teach other moms the RIGHT way to heal your body post pregnancy.  I've worked with hundreds of moms to help them heal their core, gain confidence and lose weight safely and effectively.

1. One of the biggest things I learned was that extreme exercise in the postpartum period is NOT the way to go!  I continually had back pain, joint pain and a very low level of energy doing these types of workouts.  Not only was I already stressed to the max with my babies but my body was being put under even more stress that was causing my body to crash!   I also realized that I was having set backs almost every week because my body just wasn't strong enough to handle this intense exercise yet.

When I learned about diastasis recti and core weakness I realized I had an issue.  I had delivered a 10 lb baby and as a result, I had a larger than normal gap in my abdomen which was another reason I wasn't seeing results.  I had to first restore that gap and strengthen my core and pelvic region before doing the types of exercises I was doing.  I had not only put my body on the road to adrenal fatigue but also on the road to injury.

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I wish I had known then what I know now because I put my body through so much stress trying to figure out the best way to get results.

2. The second thing I learned was that inflammation in the belly is a HUGE indicator of leaky gut and food sensitivities.  I started researching the problems I was having and realized that nutrition played a huge role.  While I was eating somewhat healthy foods I still had to truly heal the INSIDE of my body after delivery through healing my gut.  This meant I HAD to stop the binge and restrict cycle and start feeding my body specific foods and supplements to help restore the inflammatory response.

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... Stop Trying to "Snap Back" so quickly.

In a time when your life is truly chaotic you need a restorative process.  You don't need to be thinking about how to be perfect.  What you should be thinking about is how to take care of you baby and how you can HEAL your body safely and effectively while giving yourself grace.

There is light at the end of the tunnel but it takes time mama.  If you do it the right way, the slow and steady way you WILL see results.  But its time to ditch the quick fixes, ditch the extreme and start truly living a lifestyle that will not only heal your body but give you results long term.

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